08 junio 2008

Web Design

Surfing the net i found a nice design blog, it´s very stylish, as its name says so.

There you can find information about design, blogging, and of course making money, there are some really interesting posts, it´s easy to view, a lot of tags, and a nice design got you into very nice posts, for example you have some tags there like, personal, technology, design, videos, finance, and inside these tags are the posts.

Small, and easy to read posts this, most of them about web design (well.. it’s a web design blog), but the blog is just a part of other page more interesting, that offers solutions to your business, all kinds of solution in design, they offer custom web design for your business or enterprise in a way that you will be pleased.

The example is their blog, the way you watch it, and the fast that loads, they also redesign pages, using your site they make the site more attractive to other users.

In their services you also have logo designs, something really important there days of commerce, trends and merchandising.

Of course they also design templates, in css, html, swiss or flash, and also flash websites, without saying the part of programming, they do a lot of scripts from web directories to CMS.

So, if you need some design tips, or a new site, or a solution to your problem in your business get in there to solve it.

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